Alexandra Riegler

Multi-Platform Journalist.
Podcast Manager, Editor, and Producer.

When commitment to facts and precision is more important than ever, I specialize in crafting compelling narratives across multiple platforms, bringing complex topics to life.

As an accomplished business and technology journalist, my expertise spans a range of topics, from automotive production and machine learning to the economic repercussions of climate change. I also covered three presidential elections from the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and the South.

I am passionate about storytelling that shows often-ignored nuances of an America beyond over-reported superlatives and journalism that adds perspective to a breathless 24-hour news cycle.

Working with European media companies, I bring a profound understanding of the DACH market, backed by an extensive network.

As a podcast manager, editor, and producer, I manage the production workflow of podcasts while also editing and associate-producing. I focus on refining processes, strengthening quality control measures, and ensuring a seamless content flow.

My background in journalism adds a comprehensive perspective to almost everything I do. It also ingrained a knack for organizing, collaborating, tackling complex subjects, and a strong sense of ownership while being just a touch pedantic about details.

Being bilingual (German and English) and proficient in French, I am well-positioned to engage with a global audience.

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Rifles in pink camouflage, settling down in the asteroid belt, and the fickle business of oil drilling  ︎


Podcast Management, Editing, Production

All the storytelling, none of the lips smacks.  ︎